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NIDO Russia Social Media Policy and Constitution

NIDO Russia Social Media Policy and Constitution
New Executive Council

New Executive Council

It is truly a great day and the dawn of a new era! 

Join Us at NIDO Russia

Join Us at NIDO Russia

Join us at NIDO Russia, a registered non-governmental organisation that promotes overall socio-economic, cultural and political development of Nigerians through the engagement of Nigerians in Russia in policies, projects and participation in foreign direct investments!

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About NIDO Russia

About NIDO Russia

Ensuring the Socioeconomic & Cultural development of Nigerians
Promoting bilateral relations between Nigerian and Russia
Promoting business relations between Nigeria and Russia, foreign direct investments, capacity building and national development


NIDO Russia

Promoting Socioeconomic and Cultural Development of Nigeria and Nigerians

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We are open 24/7 to receive emails and correspondence.

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