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Document Acquisition and Legalisation (DAL)

Document Acquisition and Legalisation (DAL)

Document Acquisition and Legalisation (DAL)

Use "DAL" in acquiring and legalising your documents both in Nigeria and Russia.

- Registration - Temporary & Permanent
- Bachelorhood/Spinsterhood Certificate
- Marriage Certificate
- Police Report
- School Certificates like WAEC, NECO, etc
- University Certificates
- Attestation of Birth
- Company Documents

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What are the benefits. (3-Point Agenda)
1. We'll guide you on all that you need to do to secure acquisition and legalisation of your documents
2. Avoid double payments and bureaucratic delays.
3. Save time, energy and money.

NIDO Russia remains committed to solving members' issues and providing for their socioeconomic development.

Yours in service,
Dr. Godwin Ibe
Chairman, NIDO Russia
+7 926 238 5618

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