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Passport Application Discount Program (PAD)

Passport Application Discount Program (PAD)

Passport Application Discount Program (PAD)

Every member can finally use "PAD" to gain up to 10% discount when applying for Nigerian passport. This pilot program will run for 3 months and may be extended.

What are the benefits. (5-Point Agenda)
1. We'll guide you on all that you need to do to apply for passport issuance or re-issuance
2. We'll offer you a discount on payment for passport issuance or re-issuance. (5 year period at official price). 5% for members, 10% for top inviters.
3. We'll guide you on other documents that you might need after getting your passport.
4. We'll guide you on travel and accommodation plans if you have to travel to Moscow from another city.
5. We'll offer assistance in the case of delays.

Take advantage of the pilot project while it lasts. Your feedback will be valuable to the life and extension of the project. Thank you.

Yours in service,
Dr. Godwin Ibe
Chairman, NIDO Russia

Registration link For the unregistered:

Telegram post: https://t.me/nido_russia/892

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