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The NEW SMaT program (SMAT = Sustainable money transfer)

The NEW SMaT program (SMAT = Sustainable money transfer)

First published on the NIDO Russia Telegram channel.

The NEW SMaT program (SMAT = Sustainable money transfer)


Based on the feedback on members, Sustainable money transfer (SMaT) is expanding the range of benefits offered. Here are the new things that you can now do with SMaT project.


1. No more black market and no more bank transaction fees to send dollars to Russia from Nigeria. If you have dollars in Nigeria, we will give you the equivalent here in Russia WITHOUT ANY COMMISSION, up to US$20000 per transaction. Pay your school fees or whatever you like with absolute ease.


2. You can now transfer money in both directions from Rubles to Naira and from Naira to Rubles. For such inter-currency transaction, we will give the best rate available plus 1% cashback.


Sustainable money transfer (SMaT) is about providing free or cheap transfer, sustainable discounts or cashbacks for members who perform monetary transaction between Russia and Nigeria in both directions. We know that many Nigerians send money from Nigeria to Russia for their school fees, hostel fees, or other life obligations. We also know that many people send money back home especially in this difficult/tense global geopolitical situation and we think it is an opportunity to step in and provide support.


3 simple steps if you wish to transfer money using SMaT.

1. You contact us

2. We give you the best rate and direct you to the necessary supplier account where the transaction will be performed.

3. we pay you cashback of 1% as jara on top according to the terms of the program if it is intercurrency exchange capped at 1000 rubles per member per month.


What are all the benefits.

1. Members do not pay bank or transaction fees for receiving dollars in Russia up to US$20000 per transaction.

2. Members get the best rate for inter-currency transfers plus a cashback of 1% capped at 1000 rubles per month.

3. NIDO Russia representative stands as a trusted middle man for money transactions.

4. Promotion of the businesses of members.


Take advantage of the pilot project while it lasts. It will run till 01.10.2022. Your feedback will be valuable to the life and extension of the project. Thank you.


Legal Disclaimer: As a legally registered organisation, NIDO Russia encourages all members to pay taxes and operate under the wings of the law. NIDO Russia also does not receive money from neither the sender(s) nor the trader(s), does not provide authentication or legal status or representation for either party. NIDO Russia simply encourages informal exchange between members by providing a platform to facilitate communication for the stated purpose. NIDO Russia also reserves the right to execution or denial of service as it deems fit especially in the interest of members.


Enjoy Russia and cherish the moments!

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