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NIDO Russia Services - Guests

NIDO Russia Services - Guests

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Free Russian language For All (RuFA)
Time: Sundays at 12:00 and 19:00 Moscow time.
Venue: Online

Discounted Medical Insurance (DMI)
1. Free total medical checkup
2. Free treatment including operations.
3. Insurance coverage of up to 700 thousand rubles.
4. Body Repatriation home.

Sustainable Money Transfer (SMaT)
Sustainable discounts / cashbacks to members who send / receive money to/from Nigeria.

Passport Application Discount (PAD)
Use "PAD" to gain up to 10% discount when applying for Nigerian passport

Safe Air Transport (SAT) ✈️
Get the best deal on cargo / flight bookings from Nigeria to Russia, from Russia to Nigeria and between various cities in Russia.

Document Legalisation
Legalise both in Nigeria and Russia, diplomas, certificates, character reports, etc.

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